Svarog Company invites specialized stores and wholesale buyers to cooperate.
We are interested in long-term cooperation and create all the necessary conditions:
Retail product department:
IP Pestov R.V.
OGRNIP: 316595800077822
Legal Address: 614033, Perm, ul. Lukoyanova 21 of.6
Actual Address: 106, Kuybyshev St., Perm, 614010


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Metalworking is our profession.
Our company has been successfully operating in the Russian market for 15 years.

Having a staff of the highest category specialists, we offer our customers products of any level of complexity. Works performed by professionals of our company are always a combination of speed with guaranteed high quality of works.

In 2014, the management of our company decided to open its own line of bulletmolds with the creation of its own brand. The main goal was to create a high-quality and affordable product that meets all the requirements of the hunter.

In 2015 The first product samples were manufactured and tested. Ready bullets were transferred to the local hunting society and rifle clubs. Approval reviews were received.

And in 2016, after reaching the main goal, the most popular models were launched into mass production. Products were sent to hunting and gun shops. Since June, the delivery of bulletmolds to online stores has begun.

We can guarantee the delivery of pulleys in any volumes and as soon as possible.

In 2017, our own website was opened to promote products and attract new partners.

At the beginning of 2018, the range of bulletmolds was expanded.

In 2019, Appeared a line of goods for shotshell reloading.

All news and relevant information will be displayed on our official website.